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Sponsorship and Donations

Be a part of our work for a brighter future

Sponsored projcts



River Jordan Van ($640.00/mo)

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Car Payment $640/month due on the 15th-We need donors!

This is a MONTHLY commitment of a set amount of your choice, in addition to any other sponsorship you may be contributing to. This absolutely essential vehicle not only transports children to and from school but is needed for their food supplies as well. Without it, many needs are not able to be met. You can also set up autopayment through the website!

Grinder Machine/Food Storage Room Part 3

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The Grinding machine is purchased, and the building is almost complete. We need to raise the funds to install the machine and complete the construction of the building. The project will allow RJO to grind their own corn meal from their corn harvest. This will save on the costs of buying it from the market. Maize flour is derived from the kernels found within a husk. Maize flour is synonymous with masa and corn flour and is essentially dried corn that has been grounded into soft, fine particles. Maize is used to make Ugali which is a staple food served with both lunch and dinner daily. 


Student Desks 

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River Jordan has an on compound primary school, providing education for children K-8th grade. The school was constructed to eliminate the costs of school fees for the Orphans. We are in need of student desks, so the children no longer have to sit of the floor during instruction. A total of 50 desks are needed, you can sponsor a desk today by donating $50.00.

Solar Batteries ($2800.00)

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We are in need of 8 additional solar batteries to complete the solar project. Currently we are using a generator which requires gas, to continue to charge the solar as we do not have enough batteries. The batteries are $350 each and eight more are needed to eliminate the cost of gas and frequent blackouts at the orphanage.




Partner with a child at RJO by becoming a sponsor! Sponsors are individuals, families or community groups that commit to a partnership with a child at RJO. Through their partnership, sponsors provide each month to cover the child's needs. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please complete the application form below.

Have Questions or Need help with Sponsorship email - 



Monetary Donations should be sent to:



Monetary dontions

Shipping items to Jordan River Orphanage

Kids of all ages love receiving gifts and ours are no exception. You have no idea how much it means to our orphans to know that someone, somewhere far away, was thinking about them and wanted to share their love.

These children are overjoyed with gifts of all kinds, but when I recently asked a group of the older girls what they most desired, they told me that they most needed sweaters, socks, shoes and backpacks – items that are needed when going to school.

We have 70+ children, in the age range of 5 to 18 and the gifts they would appreciate are limited only by your imagination. In case you need a suggestion or two try: candy, balloons, books, drawing or writing materials, crafts, stickers, puzzles, board games, coloring books, hockey balls (deflated) with pumps, clothes, underpants, undershirts, knitted caps (it gets cold in Western Kenya), raincoats and rain caps, toothbrushes and toothpaste. The little one's love to color and paint and like all little kids, they love stuffed animals they can sleep with. Remember these are children who’ve been traumatized, and a stuffed animal provides much comfort!

Procedures to send boxes:

We know that nothing compares to the joy of giving, so we’ve created some guidelines to help you have a satisfactory giving experience.

(1) Check postal restrictions from your country and also Kenya’s customs restrictions.  Write us with any questions and, if you are in the United States, go to: any item not approved will be confiscated by the Kenyan Customs and will delay your shipment. We don’t want you to be disappointed.

(2) Check with your postal service about the restrictions on the Height, Depth and Length of the box they will allow before you pack it.

(3) Before shipping the box, mark the outside “Humanitarian Donation for Orphans” to reduce the tariff that must be levied when your gift is delivered. Most items can be purchased within Kenya itself and if you send money instead of physical items, your purchases will increase the general welfare of the economy.

If you want to send money over for a Special Gift - e-mail Daniel Wamalwa, Orphanage Manager to set up the purchase

Shipping internationally is expensive; therefore, use caution and research the costs and shipping options before you purchase anything. Sadly, many people have purchased heavy items only to find they cannot afford to ship them; so, a quick talk with your post office will save you that heartache.

if you’re in the United States, you may find the United States Postal Service is significantly lower than United Parcel (UPS) and Fed Ex. Whatever shipping option you choose, ensure that you are getting a Tracking Number that is needed to follow your package.

fill out a packing slip. It is well worth the time to make a simple packing slip or list of the contents when you send a box. You can put one coy inside the box and save a copy for yourself. The orphanage will check the items they receive against the packing slip when they get the box.

When filling out the customs form, check off the boxes saying, “Humanitarian Donation” and “Gift”. Proper labeling helps lower the tariff fee. Remember that those in the Orphanage do not have the funds to pay the tariff, so please offer to Dan to donate the cost of tariffs.


A quick email will alert the orphanage manager Daniel that a box is on its way. Please give him the Tracking number and your contact information. Attaching a copy of your packing slip to the e-mail is not required but is helpful to make sure that all arrived intact. Please use this email address:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments; you, as our partner in caring for these children, are priority to us. We are here to help you as you help the kids!



Please mail your box to:

River Jordan Orphanage
c/o Daniel Wamalwa, Manager
P.O. Box 263
Bungoma, KENYA
Postal Code: 50200
Cell phone number – write it on the Customs Form: (254) 717-409 542

Shipping items
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