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Frequently Asked Questions


How did River Jordan Orphanage begin and who are the Children that live there?

RJO was started in 2004 by Pastor Wamalwa and his family to give unwanted and uncared for Children a safe and loving home. Many of the Children have no parents due to death or abandonment. Some have one parent or other family members that do not have the means or capability to care for them. Many come from abusive situations.


Does the Kenyan Government provide financial support to the Orphanage?

The Government only provides a small stipend towards the School Fees and a small amount for certain basic medications such as antibiotics.  They do not provide any assistance for Food, Clothing, Medical bills, or any costs to house and protect the children.  The Government will bring children to RJO and require them be taken in without giving any assistance. RJO is completely supported by generous donations.


How do the Children receive an education while living at the Orphanage?

RJO has a primary school on site.  This is also attended by some of the Children in the community free of charge.  The High School Children attend classes at two different local schools where fees have to be paid for each child or they are unable to attend. The cost for the teachers on site and the high school fees are all paid by donations.  There are two children  with disabilities that live at special needs schools during the school sessions.  These are also paid by donations.


How can you Help?

RJO has a Sponsorship Program where you are able to sponsor a child for $50 per month.  You may sponsor more than one child at a time.  This is a very rewarding program that is extremely important to the livelihood of the Orphanage.  The information regarding sponsoring a child is under the sponsoring tab at the top of the page. You may also make a one-time donation at any time also through this website.  Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.


Are my Donations a Tax Write Off?

Unfortunately at this time all donations made to RJO are not eligible for a tax write off.  We are hoping that one day this will be a possibility but for now your donation will be a donation of Love. We greatly appreciate all of our Donors. Without you River Jordan Orphanage would not exist.

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