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River Jordan Orphanage is now offering Child Sponsorships!

Sponsoring a child is the most personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.  You can sponsor a child fully for $50 a month..  You will help deliver your child from extreme poverty, hardship and suffering by giving him or her the care and nurture needed for a happy and meaningful life.  

We will be working with you every step of the way to help you promote the well-being of your child.  Our commitment is to provide high quality care, education and good health by providing nutritious meals and protection from infection and disease.  Our children are raised in a true family atmosphere. They love one another and their caretakers, and they happily work together to be an active part of the family.  River Jordan has a Church on-site and Pastoral care by the Director, Patrick Wamalwa.  River Jordan also has a Certified Social Worker to counsel and help the children in all aspects of their social and emotional development.  

By the time our children leave the Orphanage, they are prepared for the world and they are strengthened spiritually and have formed good morals and values.   We are proud of our ‘graduates’ who grow to be pillars of the community as agents of transformation.

The relationship you form with your sponsored child can change both of your lives! 

Q: How does River Jordan Orphanage distribute my donation?

A: Your donations will provide for the needs of your child for nutritious food, healthcare, school fees and supplies such as a backpack, textbooks and writing implements, as well as emotional support and spiritual guidance. 

The Orphanage Director, Pastor Patrick Wamalwa will be responsible for distributing the money you provide.  The managers Daniel Wamalwa and his brother Joseph, along with the social worker Daniel Lumunyasi will ensure that your child’s needs are met and that he/she is registered into school and their fees paid. 

Sponsorship is the KEY to bringing these children out of a hopeless situation that could hold them in extreme poverty. 

Q Are my contributions tax deductible?

A: River Jordan Orphanage is a non-profit organization that is registered with the government of Kenya and undergoes regular checks for compliance by the department of Children’s Welfare.   River Jordan Orphanage is an African ministry and is not registered with the Income Tax Revenue board of the United States of America, so American donations are not deductible on your personal taxes.  Because we have very low administrative costs, however, you can be assured your money is directly benefiting your child.

There are laws in place to protect the information of a minor so we are unable to publish a full report online; however you can request an full update on your sponsored orphan once a year.

Q: When are my sponsor fees due?

A: Sponsors should send their monthly sponsorship fees on the 1st of each month. Payments can be sent to Daniel's PayPal or Cashapp.


Q: May I communicate with my orphan?
A:  Yes!  Send emails to our Social Worker Daniel Lumunyasi at (EMAIL:  ________________) and we will ensure delivery to the children.  Letters will be printed and hand delivered to your child.  Please include your child’s name on all correspondence to facilitate a timely response.

A:  You are eligible to receive an update every year upon request. Simply email our Social Worker Daniel Lumunyaski  for an update on your sponsored orphan.  Daniel L’s email is:  _____________


Q: May I give my orphan gifts throughout the year?

A: Yes! River Jordan Orphanage offers donors the option to send their sponsored child gifts.  Just follow the instructions on Shipping that is posted on the River Jordan Facebook page and the River Jordan website.


Q: What happens to my orphan after he/she turns 18?

A: River Jordan Orphanage guarantees the orphans in our program are set for life either by continuing their education or by providing the orphan with some skill set.

Q:  What does my donation cover?

A: Your generosity can ensure your orphan receives quality education, shelter/clothing, food and healthcare—all in a loving family atmosphere!

Q:  What does River Jordan Orphanage define as an "orphan"?

A: According to local culture, an orphan is a child whose father is deceased. Some orphan’s mothers may still be living.

Q:  What happens to my donation if an orphan matures?

A: When your child exits the River Jordan Orphanage, you may reallocate your funds to another orphan still waiting for a sponsor.   We reserve the right to reallocate your funds to the orphan most in need or to utilize your funds for the general orphan sponsorship care. This includes but is not limited to: orphanage repair, administration fees in that country, cover delinquency of sponsorships, etc.

Q:  What do I receive upon sponsorship?

A: You may receive an update on the progress of your child by request at any time.   And once a year, you may receive a full progress report on your child by the Orphanages Social Worker.

Q:  What happens if I can no longer sponsor my child?
A.  Occasionally a Sponsor is no longer able to continue on with his/her commitment and must drop the program.  We will do everything we can to help and can work to bring in a 2nd or even a 3rd sponsor for the time being so you can retain the relationship that you’ve formed with your child.   

What is important to remember is that these children will bond with you very tightly since you may be the first person ‘out there’ that has shown a genuine interest and love for them.  Be very sensitive to the relationships that you forge with your child.  Your love means the world to them and it is that love relationship that is the Key to their growth.


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